Welcome to Ghetto Shul! Ghetto Shul acts as the magnetic core of the downtown Jewish community. This student-run initiative draws both students and young professionals together to celebrate and engage their Judaism in a welcoming environment.


At any given moment something is happening at the Ghetto Shul. We host prayer services and meals every Shabbat and holiday, regular Jewish learning, and a diverse array of programming (including Sustainable Shabbat meals, holiday celebrations, Freshman orientation, and field trips!). We are a warm and Torah-based community, which provides a spiritual home for an eclectic mix of Jews. Be it a giant Friday night dinner, a smaller home-y meal, a lively Thursday night class, a Monday night jam session, or a social action fundraiser, anyone can experience the warmth of Jewish life.


On this site, you can learn more about the Shul and its various activities. You can also join our facebook group for the latest happenings!

Interested in becoming involved? Learn more about our Leadership here or submit a program idea here. Any questions? We’d love to hear from you! Contact information can be found here.