FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT 2017 FROSH, CLICK HERE! We can’t wait to see you in August/September 2017!


frosh 2016 1
2016 Frosh Leaders Sarah Rubin and Jacob Schermer with froshies atop Mont Royal!

For the past years, Ghetto Shul has run its own alternative frosh for incoming students at McGill during orientation week. Every year we choose a new name (we’ve been Gefilte Frosh, Frosher on the Roof, Let My People Frosh and Froshaball Soup), but the mission of the Ghetto Shul frosh is always the same: to connect incoming students to Montreal’s lively Jewish community in an exciting, unexpected and soulful way! Frosh is an action-packed four-day orientation program that will inspire participants through an alternative line-up of awesome activities. From biking to energizing concerts, as well as adventures around the city, uplifting prayer services, and relaxing barbeques, this Jewish frosh orientation offers it all! Get ready for an inclusive exploratory event, open to absolutely anyone who wants to be part of this fantastic Jewish journey. Come to one, a few, or all of our fun activities which can be done in addition to your faculty frosh. The Ghetto Shul frosh is a powerful social and cultural experience you won’t forget!

frosh cooking
2016 Frosh Leader Jonah Winer and froshies helping make our delicious Shabbat dinner!


September 2017: Across the Jewniverse

September 2016: Night at the Jewseum

September 2015: Froshaball Soup

September 2014: Let My People Frosh

September 2013: Frosher on the Roof

September 2012: Gefilte Frosh

Throwback Frosh: Gefilte Frosh circa 2012!