Ghetto Shul is committed to giving students a comfortable and welcoming space to come for the Holidays. In the past, we have hosted so many incredible events for our students. Read below to find out more, and stay tuned for information about upcoming holiday events!

High Holidays

For the past four years, Ghetto Shul has hosted or partnered with other Jewish communities to host High Holiday services. Members of the Ghetto Shul community also host High Holiday meals. To find out about our plans for the 2017 High Holiday season, stay tuned to this page or our Facebook page.


IMG_6883Ghetto Shul members with sukkahs host the Ghetto Shul community for Shabbat during Sukkot! We also partner with the other Jewish communities on campus to offer Sukkot meals. We focus on the environmental aspects of Sukkot, and are planning to hold text study sessions during Chol Hamoed. Keep an eye out for them!

Simchat Torah

In 2016, Ghetto Shul hosted the only women’s Simchat Torah reading and service at McGill. It was an incredible success, with all participants feeling empowered and excited about this chance to celebrate a joyous and holy day! We’re committed to creating these opportunities and we plan to hold another women’s Simchat Torah service this year. Expect more information, including the chance to sign up to read Torah or lead services, closer to the holiday.


Ghetto Shul loves celebrating Chanukah together! As Chanukah usually falls close to finals, we create events that aim to relieve stress. In the past, we’ve held amazing gift exchanges, latke parties, and more. If you had ideas about how to celebrate Chanukah in the community, let us know here!

Tu Bishvat

Ghetto Shul is committed to being an environmentally conscious organization. As such, we LOVE Tu Bishvat! In the past years, we have held Tu Bishvat Seders, focused on learning about the holiday and how we celebrate it in the modern world. We’re so excited to create more events like this!


Purim is always an exciting time at Ghetto Shul. In the past years, we have partnered with Klezmer bands and the Museum of Jewish Montreal to hold Megillah readings and parties. These events are always a hit in the community, and we love celebrating such a joyous holiday! As Purim approaches, watch this space for Megillah reading signups and more information!